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Pressure Vessel Quality Testing

Stainless Fabrication’s Quality Program is based on ASME Section VIII, Division 1, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements. Our comprehensive Quality Control Program covers the controls governing how SFI designs and fabricates ASME pressure vessels, such as:

  • Authorized inspector requirements
  • Design engineering and drawings
  • Material control
  • Weld procedures, certification of welders, weld log
  • Non-destructive examination
  • Documentation
  • Repairs and alterations in accordance with National Board Inspection Code


SFI has held the ASME “U” Certificate of Authorization since 1988 and the NBIC “R” Certificate of Authorization since 1993.

In addition, other standards are utilized as required, such as:

  • API 620 & 650
  • ASME BPE Guidelines
  • Canadian Registration Number (CRN) documentation
  • Ministry of Manpower-Singapore (MOM) documentation
  • PED (European Pressure Equipment Directive) “CE” Mark
  • UL-142
  • USDA

Pressure Vessel Testing & Inspection Capabilities

In-house checks and inspections are performed by the Quality Control team, production supervisors and leadmen. Third party inspections by an Authorized Inspector are readily available for ASME, NBIC, CE marking and Ministry of Manpower – Singapore.

Water Fill Testing

Hydrostatic testing services. 

Liquid Penetrant Testing

SFI has certified liquid penetrant procedures (color contrast and fluorescent) meeting the requirements of the ASME. Liquid penetrant examiners are certified on these procedures.


SFI provides its own non-destructive testing services (computed digital radiography) with three Level 2 certified x-ray technicians on staff.

PMI (Positive Material Identification)

Using a hand-held Niton Analyzer, SFI is able to provide elemental analysis of alloy materials.

UT Thickness Measurement

SFI uses a GE Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge to measure (gauge) material thickness. 

Ferrite Testing

SFI provides non-destructive measurement of the ferrite content of alloy materials using a Feritscope.  

Customers are welcome to visit the plant to inspect their equipment.  FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) and full documentation are available. Contact your Regional Manager for more information or to schedule a visit.


When specifications dictate, SFI offers various levels of documentation up to a full FAT with TOP (Turn Over Package), providing full transparency for the vessels we build.

Documentation packages typically include: 

  • FAT
  • U-Form and copy of nameplate
  • As Built drawings
  • Calculations
  • Mill Test Reports
  • Weld log and weld procedures
  • Test procedures, test reports and certificates of compliance

Production Personnel

SFI employees are well trained for their positions and the quality standards expected.  We hire experienced fabricators (welders and grinders) and our geographical location affords an abundance of craftsmen, skilled in manufacturing stainless steel tanks.

Training provided by SFI includes:

  • Procedural training– how to perform their job to SFI standards
  • Quality expectations– what is expected to meet our high quality standards
  • Safety training– safety procedures and best work practices for their job

After new-hire orientation and safety training, a new production worker is placed with a mentor (an experienced SFI craftsman) for job-specific training where they learn to perform to SFI standards and expectations.

SFI promotes production lead positions from within our existing workforce ensuring that supervisory personnel are properly equipped to perform their responsibilities, which include overseeing the work, quality checks, inspection of work and safety supervision, to name a few.

Experienced Quality Control Team

Our Quality Control team has vast experience and knowledge of procedures, best practices, Code requirements, etc.  The QC personnel consist of former tank fabricators and/or inspectors, representing over 100 years combined industry experience. 

We believe that quality starts with the individual.  Each person employed by SFI is accountable for their own work. Production supervisors and leadmen are responsible for ensuring that the equipment built in their bays meet SFI quality standards.

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