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Stainless Fabrication Featured Project

Progress happens one day at a time.  That’s just the way things work.  Circumstances may be different tomorrow.  We can plan ahead but those plans may fall through.  We can only do what can be done today – every day.

This concept really hits home when you watch the progress of a field-fabricated tank.  The two 500,000-gallon storage tanks shown in the photos took roughly 75 work days to build.  At 38-feet, their diameter is large enough to encircle a small house and their height is equal to a six-story building.  And yet, working side by side, one day at a time, both tanks were erected on-site in about 3 months.

SFI field crews are skilled and accustomed to this type of work.  They build outdoors in all kinds of weather and indoors under the roof, always starting with the top and working their way down.  This allows them to work at ground or floor level, typically without scaffolding or cranes.

To learn more about the field-fabricated stainless steel tanks built by SFI, go to  Be sure to watch the short video on the Field Erected Storage Tanks tab.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video/animation is worth even more!

Field fabricated tanks built by Stainless Fabrication Inc. 

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