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Research & Development

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Growth is important to us

We are always looking for ways to work smarter, increase efficiency, save money and improve the quality of our end product.  In tank fabrication, Research and Development is an on-going process.  It affects not only production, but every facet of the business.  Each department has initiatives that propel SFI forward.

This mindset has led us to implement the following, for example:

  • Purchasing the latest technology in production machinery, welding and grinding equipment
  • Developing automated processes for both shop and field
  • Utilizing the latest software and technology in our daily work
  • Improving skills and knowledge base company wide
  • Undertaking projects outside our normal scope
  • Eliminating most outsourcing by bringing services in-house

We challenge ourselves regularly by taking on projects with requirements or jobsite conditions that are foreign to us in order to develop our skillset and widen our capabilities. We thrive on partnering with customers to work through issues that haven’t been tackled before and our success is largely due to the experience of our people combined with our ability to listen and communicate with our customer.

Through research and development, SFI has eliminated the need for outsourcing many components such as certain manways, heat transfer surface, fittings and electropolish services.

Our Goals

  • Improve quality, efficiency and lead-times
  • Automate and streamline processes
  • Improve fabrication methods and capabilities
  • Upgrade tools, machinery and technology
  • Material handling improvements
  • Increase knowledge and expand skills in all facets of the operation

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