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Stainless Fabrication Featured Project

There is definitely an art to taking a dull, flat sheet of stainless steel and turning it into a shiny cylindrical tank with all the trimmings.  Building high-quality stainless steel tanks requires knowledge, experience, and skilled craftsmen.

After the engineering work is complete and drawings are approved, the first step in tank fabrication is preprocessing. This is where they prepare the stainless steel materials for welding by shearing,  cutting, rolling, forming, machining, and polishing – all in preparation for assembly by the Welders.  Both MIG and TIG welding are employed in our shop, performed either manually or mechanically.  In any case, the Welders are continually involved in the process, controlling the outcome.

Once welding is complete, grinding is the next step.  Grinding is where the welds are polished (or finished) to meet specifications, which is another skilled craft.  Depending on the application and customer requirements, the Grinder may need to polish the weld until it is no longer visible, having a smooth, flat surface like the material.  This requires the use of various abrasives and multiple “passes” to achieve the desired finish. 

Visit our photo gallery to see the various types of tanks built by our stainless steel craftsmen.

Tank fab - is it work or art

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