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Pharmaceutical Pressure Vessels & Mixing Tanks

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Pharmaceutical Vessel Manufacturer

SFI is an experienced fabricator of vessels for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. We focused our efforts in 2003 by adding a 15,000 square foot "electropolish bay" to our production facility.

Segregated from the rest of the plant and dedicated to building and finishing only stainless steel pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical vessels, our electropolish bay greatly improved our lead time and quality control, launching SFI as a leading provider of high quality, pristine electropolished vessels.

Since adding the electropolish bay, we’ve built over 2,200 vessels for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers across the U.S. and worldwide.

In addition to building new vessels, we also provide modifications, repairs and inspection services. SFI personnel are highly skilled in all aspects of pharmaceutical vessel fabrication, including welding, grinding, electropolishing, testing, etc.

Options for pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical vessels

Specific to vessels for the pharmaceutical industry, SFI offers a variety of options, including:

Certifications ASME, BPE, PED “CE mark, CRN, MOM Singapore
Construction Single or double wall, insulation, various heads
Documentation/FAT Full documentation and FAT services available
Fabrication Type Shop or field fabricated
Field Service Inspections, modifications, repairs
Heating & Cooling Dimpled HTS, half pipe, full internal pipe coil
Material Finish Electropolish, mechanical polish, mill
Materials Stainless steel and other corrosion resistant alloys
Mixing/Blending SFI will design an agitation system to meet your requirements
Portability Casters, carts, forklift skids
Tank Supports Legs, lugs, skirts, saddles, flat pitched
Vessel Types Pressure vessels, mixers, reactors, storage tanks


Documentation and Factory Acceptance Test

Our quality program is based on ASME Section VIII, Division 1 and we utilize a variety of procedures and tests, such as:

  • CIP and riboflavin testing
  • Drain test
  • Dye tests
  • Electropolish and passivation
  • Hardness testing
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Material receiving and handling
  • PMI (positive material identification) testing
  • Shipping preparation
  • Surface roughness (Ra)

And more…

We offer various levels of documentation, anywhere from approval drawings to an 8-section full documentation package.  Your Regional Manager will talk with you about the level of documentation you need during the quote phase.

Customers are encouraged to inspect and/or witness testing of their vessel prior to shipment.  In the absence of an on-site inspection, we are happy to provide photos by email.



SFI utilizes various standards to ensure your product is built to the highest quality possible. 

We hold the following certificates:

  • ASME “U” certification
  • National Board “R” certification

Other standards are utilized as required.

Click here for more information. 

About the Electropolish Bay

  • Provides the cleanliest possible environment for building biopharmaceutical vessels because it is segregated from the rest of the plant.
  • Craftsmen are well trained and skilled at building these high-end vessels.
  • All phases of production are performed in this area – welding, grinding, electropolishing, FAT (testing) and shipment.
  • 5-stage electropolish finishing using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Capable of electropolishing up to approximately 12-foot diameter vessels (or 80,000 liters).
  • All welders are ASME certified.

Shop or field fabrication

Vessels for the pharmaceutical industry can be built in either our shop or field fabricated at your facility. We hold the ASME “U” Certification for new vessels and the National Board “R” Certification for modifications and repairs.  All SFI welders are ASME certified.

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Modifications and Repairs

Not only do we build new equipment, our “R” certification allows us make modifications and repairs to ASME vessels in the field.  These services include:

and more…

Materials of Construction

  • 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Other nickel based alloys including:
    • Hastelloy
    • Monel
    • Inconel
    • Duplex 2205

and more…

Click here to download the PDF for more information.

Material Finishes

  • 2B (cold rolled sheet)
  • Mill (HRAP)
  • Mechanical polish (from 50 to 10 Ra)
  • Mechanical polish plus Electropolish (from 30 to 10 Ra)
  • Passivation

Click here to download the PDF for more information.

Weld Finishes

  • As Is
  • Scotch brite buffed
  • Mechanical grind (50 grit)
  • Mechanical polish (32 to 10 Ra)

Click here to download the PDF for more information.

Heat Transfer Surface

  • Dimple jacket
  • Half pipe coil
  • Internal pipe coil
  • Open jacket

Click here for more information.


SFI will custom design a mixing solution to meet your needs.  We offer mixers or combinations of mixers for processing a wide variety of product viscosities and applications.  Mixer styles include turbine, sweep, scrape, dual motion, and magnetic.

Click here to learn more about our Agitation capabilities.


  • Sight glasses and lights
  • CIP systems
  • No foam inlet and down tubes
  • Thermowells
  • Outlet valves
  • Manways and fittings
  • Gaskets are from USP class VI or FDA allowable materials

            and more…

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