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Components & Accessories

SFI has always been dedicated to growth, whether it be through expanding our production floor, acquisition of new equipment and technology or improving our skills and abilities.

One particular area of focus has been our in-house fabrication of tank components and accessories resulting in:

  • Better lead-times
  • Increased quality control
  • Material traceability and documentation
  • Reduced costs

In-house fabrication

SFI makes the following tank components and accessories in-house.

  • Eyebolts
  • Ferrules
  • Full pipe coil
  • Half pipe
  • Ladders, platforms and handrails
  • Manways, handholes
  • Standard vents – slip fit or tri-clamp (3”, 4”, and 6”)
  • Teflon bushings, bearings and other parts

In addition to these components, we also offer in-house electropolish and passivation services on customer parts.  


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