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Certifications & Standards for Tank Design & Fabrication

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There are a variety of rules, standards and guidelines governing the design, fabrication and inspection of stainless steel tanks and vessels.  SFI utilizes the following:

Certificates of Authorization Held by SFI:

ASME Certificate of Authorization "U"

SCOPE: ASME Section VIII, Division 1. Manufacture of Pressure Vessels at SFI and Field Sites controlled by SFI (certificate holder since 1988).

National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors Certificate of Authorization "R"

SCOPE: Metallic Repairs and/or Alterations at SFI and extended for Field Repairs and/or Alterations controlled by SFI (certificate holder since 1993). 

SFI certifications

Standards and Guidelines Utilized:


SCOPE: Design and Construction of Tanks according to the current ASME BPE Standard for industries that require a defined level of purity and bioburden control.

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) "CE" Mark (European Directive)

SCOPE: ASME Designed and Stamped Pressure Vessels with CE Marking and Certification. (The manufacturer certifies, that the product meets the safety requirements of the appropriate European Directive.)

API 620

SCOPE: Design of Shop or Field Fabricated Storage Tanks with internal pressure up to 15 psig, Marked and Certified in accordance with API 620, but does not include inspection of vessel. Inspection is the responsibility of the purchaser.

API 650

SCOPE: Design of Shop or Field Fabricated Storage Tanks with internal pressure up to 2.5 psig. Marking and Certification of item included.

CRN (Canadian Registration Number)

SCOPE: The CRN identifies the design has been reviewed, accepted and registered for use in that province or territory.

MOM (Ministry of Manpower-Singapore)

SCOPE: The Ministry of Manpower is a division of the Singapore government that regulates Employment Practices, Workplace Safety, and Work Permits.  Pressure vessels are inspected by an Authorized Examiner before being placed in the jurisdiction. Registration of pressure vessel is the responsibility of the end user.

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