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Stainless Fabrication Featured Project

If you ask us, the tanks we build are amazing.  Whether they are pristine pharmaceutical vessels or mill finish chemical tanks with ring after ring of half-pipe or huge field-erected tanks, they all look amazing to our eyes.

Generally speaking, the stainless steel tank itself is low maintenance and long-lasting.  That’s the “beauty” of stainless steel.  It is rust and stain resistant and easy to clean.  We often hear about our 25-30-year-old tanks that are still in service.  Naturally, tank components with wearable or mechanical parts, such as Teflon bearings, gaskets, mixers, and valves will require maintenance as needed.

Routine tank care and maintenance would include:

Regular, proper cleaning (method and frequency based on the application as determined by the process engineer).

  • Keeping a maintenance stock of wearable parts including manway gaskets to avoid down-time. 
  • Visual inspection, inside and out.
  • Follow OEM recommendations for purchased components such as mixers, valves, etc.
  • Keep tank drawings close at hand for quick reference.
  • Know “who to call” if you experience a problem.

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Pharma, Chemical & Field Built Tanks 

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