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Columns, Strippers & Scrubbers


Custom fabricated stainless steel strippers & scrubbers

SFI builds columns, strippers and scrubbers that are used for a variety of purposes by our customers. With our experience working across numerous industries, we have gained the experience to fabricate these vessels to fit our customer’s needs.  Some of these specifications include building these complete with internals already installed or preparing them for field installation of customer furnished internals.

Strippers, Scrubbers, and Columns have many design elements similar to the tanks we build, such as:

  • ASME designed and stamped pressure vessels
  • 300 series stainless or nickel alloys such as hastelloy or 2205 duplex
  • Manways
  • Sight glasses
  • Insulation rings, vacuum rings
  • Skirt supports
  • Shop or field fabricated

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Sampling of stainless steel columns built by SFI

Chemical Catalyst Columns
Chemical Extractor Column
Chemical NH3 Scrubber (ammonia)
Chemical NOx Scrubber (nitrogen and oxygen)
Chemical Quenching Scrubber
Chemical Stripper Column
Chemical Wash Column
Energy Gas Scrubber
Food Aroma Column
Food Carbon Columns
Food Caustic Scrubber
Food CO2 Scrubbers
Food Water Scrubber
Pharmaceutical Carbon Column
Pharmaceutical Distillation Column
Pharmaceutical Recycle Column
Pharmaceutical Resin Columns


SFI utilizes various standards to ensure your product is built to the highest quality possible. 

We hold the following certificates:

  • ASME “U” certification
  • National Board “R” certification

Other standards are utilized as required, such as:

  • API 620 & 650
  • ASME BPE Guidelines
  • Canadian Registration Number (CRN) documentation
  • Ministry of Manpower-Singapore (MOM) documentation
  • PED (European Pressure Equipment Directive) “CE” Mark
  • UL-142
  • USDA

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