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Freezer Enclosures

Over 100 freezer enclosure installations

SFI has field fabricated more than 120 stainless steel freezer enclosures since building our first unit in 1988. During this time, we have worked with customers to perfect our design, skills and fabrication methods, making us a leading provider of fully welded, stainless steel enclosures.

What is a stainless steel freezer enclosure?

A freezer enclosure, sometimes called a tunnel, is a very large, insulated, rectangular room-within-a-room. It is sanitary by design, having fully-welded stainless steel walls, floors and ceilings, making it easy to clean—a must-have for food manufacturers at a time when food-borne bacteria and viruses can threaten the quality of their product.

Our customers are food processing system integrators. Together, we design and build stainless steel freezer enclosures that will meet freezing requirements for a variety of food products. The system integrator is responsible for the complete unit, including process design and procurement of the enclosure (from SFI) plus the internals and controls that convey and freeze the foods within the freezer enclosure. Working together, we develop custom freezing solutions to help the end user produce foods of the highest quality.

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Product Examples

  • Dairy products - ice cream novelties and treats
  • Frozen meats - chicken, beef, pork, veal and turkey
  • Frozen vegetables - potatoes, root vegetables

Among others…


There are many benefits to choosing an SFI stainless steel freezer enclosure including:

  • Design allows for complete sanitation in minimal time
  • Fully welded exposed surfaces provide a sanitary environment for freezing
  • Our large radius interior corners are easily cleaned
  • Floors are sloped to drain
  • Freezers are custom designed and fabricated to meet your thermal processing needs
  • There are no bolts, caulking or gaskets in the walls, ceilings or floors that will affect cleaning
  • The double wall enclosure is fully insulated (top, bottom and sides) providing an environment for efficient freezing
  • All interior materials of construction are either stainless steel or synthetics
  • Expansion joints are strategically placed to allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature swings (from freezing to CIP cleaning)
  • Insulated personnel-access doors feature heavy-duty hardware, heat tape, FDA red silicone gaskets and are equipped with an interior safety latch
  • Design can be modified for cooking

Freezer Enclosure Construction Details

  • SFI freezer enclosures are suitable for new construction or our crew will demolish an existing box and replace it with a new SFI freezer enclosure.
  • Freezer enclosures are built on-site by SFI personnel, experienced and skilled in field fabrication of our stainless steel equipment.
  • Doors, roof and wall sections are pre-fabricated in our Springfield, Missouri facility prior to shipping to the field resulting in less time on-site. 

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