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Our Experience Gives You the Best Experience

Our broad range of skills and capabilities allow SFI to serve a diverse group of customers that provide products worldwide.  We take pride in knowing that by using SFI tanks in their operations, our customers provide goods and services that impact lives everywhere. Our tanks process and store everything from food, beverages and chemicals, to medicines, cosmetics and fuel. 

SFI tanks range in size from one gallon to over 600,000 gallons.  Our plant has four production bays allowing us to work on projects across multiple industries at the same time. At any given moment, we could simultaneously be building mill finish chemical tanks, food grade polished mixers, processing materials for large field-built storage tanks and building electropolished biopharmaceutical vessels.

Certifications and Standards

SFI utilizes various industry standards to ensure your tank is built to the highest quality possible.  Click here for more information. 


Safety on a jobsite, whether it be yours or our own, is of critical importance to us and we invest significant resources in on-going training, safety management, and equipment. 

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