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Tanks, Vessels, & Processing Equipment - Stainless Steel

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At SFI, we work with our customers on projects of all sizes and scope. As a premier stainless steel tank manufacturer, whether you need a few field fabricated vassels or a large tank package, our knowledgeable team can provide you with a custom quote for your unique project. Since opening our doors in 1985, we’ve built thousands of stainless steel vessels with our largest single project to date consisting of about 150 tanks of varying sizes, configurations and functions. 

Shop and Field Fabrication

Our highly skilled craftsmen fabricate stainless steel tanks up to approximately 30,000 gallons in our facility in Springfield, Missouri.

Our field fab team has experience working on all types of job sites, erecting tanks both outdoors and inside buildings including areas with restricted access. We build field fabricated tanks up to roughly 750,000 gallons, working at ground level, which is both safe and efficient.

Tank & Equipment Design

Our in-house engineering department begins their work at the quote stage and continues after order placement and through the length of the project. Their expertise throughout the entire process ensures that your stainless steel tank meets the specified standards, is sized properly and includes the specified options.  Click here for more information.



SFI utilizes various standards to ensure your product is built to the highest quality possible. 

We hold the following certificates:

  • ASME “U” certification
  • National Board “R” certification

Other standards are utilized as required. Click here for more information. 

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