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Tank Agitation

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Custom Agitation Tanks

Complete customized agitation solutions are designed for each tank to mix and blend as required for our customer’s application, taking into account factors such as batch size, viscosity of the product, etc. All mixers are installed and verified prior to shipment. Agitators are fabricated using materials and finishes that match the tank interior. These include:

  • 304L and 316L stainless steel
  • Hastelloy
  • Monel
  • Inconel
  • Alloy 20
  • Al6XN
  • 2205 Duplex

We offer mixers or combinations of mixers for processing a wide variety of viscosities and applications. Customized mixing tanks are used by all industries and can be found in practically every production line no matter what is being produced. Mixer styles include turbine, sweep, scrape and dual motion.

Axial turbine

  • Blend fluids or suspend solids
  • Movement of product is down the agitator shaft and back up the sidewalls
  • Blades are pitched at a 45° angle
  • The application and geometry determine the size, speed and number of turbines

Radial turbine

  • Introduces gas into liquid
  • Blades are vertical

High Shear

  • Introduce solids
  • High speed mixing
  • May be substituted for the turbine mixer in a Universal Mixer configuration or added as a third mixer

Sweep or Scrape

  • Available in sweep or scrape movement
  • Side only, bottom only or a combination of side and bottom sweep or scrape
  • Provides gentle mixing of low to medium viscosity products
  • Keeps product moving and/or scrapes walls of vessel
  • Scrape feature assists with heating and cooling and eliminates “burn on”
  • Bottom scrape assists with unloading

Counter Rotating

  • Used where a great deal of mixing is required, it combines the axial turbine with the sweep or scrape mixer
  • Each mixer is driven by its own gear motor allowing horsepower and speeds to be matched to the process requirement
  • Mixers rotate in opposite directions
  • Gear motors are designed to stack with the turbine motor on top
  • Turbine mixer operates on a solid shaft that runs through the scrape mixer’s pipe shaft
  • The turbine blends or suspends while the scrape keeps the product moving
  • Best used on small to medium size batches of low viscosity product

Universal Mixer

  • Combines vertical axial turbine and full side and bottom sweep or scrape mixers
  • The two mixers are completely independent of each other with the scrape shaft in the center and the turbine mixer offset between center and sidewall
  • High mass, low speed impellers allow full batch mixing
  • Side and bottom scrape movement keep interior surfaces clear for maximum heat transfer efficiency
  • Mixes large batches of high viscosity fluids in a sanitary environment
  • Full batch (top to bottom) mixing with no air entrainment

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