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Custom Stainless Steel Equipment

Custom stainless steel tanks & equipment are our specialty

In business since the mid 1980's, SFI has become known as a premier fabricator of stainless steel tanks and custom vessel equipment. In addition to the standard cylindrical tanks used across a range of industries, we also build stainless steel vessels that are outside that "norm".  We welcome the challenges that come with working through new designs and procedures and allow us to hone our skills and expand our product offerings.

Below is a sampling of specialty equipment built by SFI over the years.  Browse the photo gallery at left to see some of the non-typical vessels built by SFI.

  • Spray drying chambers
  • Freezer enclosures
  • Cyclone top tanks
  • Mushroom processors
  • Kettles with hemispherical heads
  • Freezing tanks that use augers for mixing/conveying
  • Portable tanks on casters, skids and carts
  • Complex shapes and custom fabrication
  • Kiln for heat treating wood at high temperature
  • Rectangular shaped vessels
  • Tanks with a variety of internals - pipe coils, dip tubes, baffles, ladders, dividers and other components
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