They may look like gift tags, but they’re not even close.  These “gift tags” each weigh in at about 9-10 pounds.  They are actually lifting lugs used to lift and move stainless steel tanks.  Most tanks have four lifiting lugs located on or near the top.  A taliling lug may also be required to move the vessel into a standing position.

  • Stand the tank up in the shop for hydro
  • Lifting and loading on a truck for shipment
  • Anchoring the vessel to the trailer for shipment
  • Off-loading at jobsite
  • Moving and setting in place on-site
  • Moving around plant should the need arise

 At least 35 lifting lugs can be seen on this 1/2” thick piece of plate.  Using the plasma burn table shown in the photo, it would have taken about 20 minutes to cut them out. 

Lifting lugs are one aspect of the design work SFI Engineers perform.  The lugs must be designed and oriented to safely lift the vessel’s empty weight, consequently they come in various sizes and shapes – there is no one-size-fits-all.  Lifting lugs can range in weight from 2 - 95 pounds depending on the tank.

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Cutting out lifting lugs on the plasma burner

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