Well… It’s some type of skid system with lots of piping connected to a stainless steel vessel. The tank has a removable top head with a sizable fitting that could be for a mixer or a sight glass.  It doesn’t look like a very large tank and it has a polished exterior so it may be for pharmaceutical service. 

Pictures tell a story.  This photo was recently discovered on a biopharmaceutical company’s website that we hadn’t worked with before. 

So what is (our version of) this picture’s story?  That’s our tank!  It was built by Stainless Fabrication Inc. (see the stickers in the bottom right corner). The fact is, SFI tanks are fabricated for customers all over the U.S.  And, we not only sell to end user processors, but also to companies that build skid systems (such as the one pictured), mechanical contractors, engineering/construction firms and so on. 

We build custom stainless steel tanks for most industries, so our capabilities stretch wide to include industrial-chemical tanks, polished food and beverage tanks and electropolished pharmaceutical vessels.

Browse our website to learn more about our capabilities.  It’s easy to navigate and we have lots of pictures.

SFI stainless steel tank in a skid system

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