Every company has hurdles to overcome. Consider the challenges of moving frozen products around the country and keeping them at the proper temperature during transport.  This is a hot topic in 2020 with Covid-19 vaccines requiring deep freezing.

As a custom stainless steel tank fabricator, Stainless Fabrication (SFI) has its own challenges.  Our raw materials are large and heavy and our fabrication equipment is designed to cut, bend, roll, grind and weld stainless steel, so it can be difficult and hazardous. Some of the challenges we face daily are:

  • Material handling
  • Building tanks on-site at customer facilities
  • Cutting through thick stainless steel material
  • Working in tight spaces
  • Temperature extremes, both hot and cold
  • Keeping machinery maintained and running
  • Loading and shipping large tanks and oversize loads

Thirty-five years in business has given SFI the knowledge, skills and experience required to safely produce high quality, custom fabricated stainless steel equipment. 

The “monster” tank pictured was built in our shop.  It’s over 13 feet in diameter, 80 feet tall at the highest point, has a 70,000 gallon capacity and weighs over 33,000 pounds.  What a beauty!

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70,000 gallon shop built tank

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