What you’re seeing in this photo is actually a massive stainless steel freezer enclosure under construction.  The “grid” was formed when a small portion of the protective paper was removed from the edges of each wall section so they could be welded together.  The rest of the paper remains on the wall sections during fabrication to protect the material.

This photo shows the narrow end of one of our freezer enclosures, also called a freezer tunnel due to their long, rectangular shape.  These enclosures are basically large stainless steel “rooms” that will house the equipment necessary for quick freezing various food products. 

This particular enclosure is roughly 22’ wide x 23’ high x 47’ long which is about the size of a small 3-bedroom ranch style home.  Empty, it weighs over 72,000 pounds.  The enclosure has 6” thick, fully welded and insulated stainless steel walls.  It is outfitted with (4) man-doors (one can be seen in the photo, lower left) and (2) smaller inspection hatches.

To date, SFI field crews have built about 120 fully welded freezer enclosures on-site at customer facilities across the country and abroad.  To learn more, go to

SFI freezer enclosure under construction

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