Naturally, our tanks don’t have moving tracks but it’s an attention getter!  This image was used in one of our magazine ads from the 1990’s.  It read something like this: 

They are metallic megaliths, towering 100 feet or more.  Fully loaded, they can weigh 3-4 million pounds.  Their stainless steel plate walls can be up to 1/2” thick and withstand temperatures as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit.  They can be placed almost anywhere on the globe and are virtually indestructible containers for the chemical, beverage, food and dairy industries... When it comes to field fabrication, we’re tops in tanks!  TEAM SFI…

And we are still building metallic megaliths today… all over the U.S. and in select countries around the world.  We’ve grown a lot since the 90’s.  We’ve increased our capabilities and the industry-base we serve.  Follow these links to learn more :

Field fabricated tanks... across the U.S.

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