Using various tank supports such as the legs, lugs and saddles shown in the photo below, SFI tanks are designed to bear the weight of the vessel and its contents.  Skirts are another popular method of supporting the tanks built by Stainless Fabrication Inc.

Tank supports must be engineered to hold the weight of the tank, its components (such as mixers and gear motors), and its contents when full.  Our customers dictate the type of support they want and SFI Engineers perform the analysis that determines the quantity, size and thicknesses of the various components required.  

  • If legs, how many?  What size and thickness?  What length?
  • What style - pipe or angle?
  • Will cross bracing be required? 
  • What about base plates? 
  • Does the tank need to be portable – on casters or a forklift-skid? 
  • What material and finish will be used for the supports?    
  • If there is a mixer, tank movement will be considered. 
  • If the tank is outdoors, wind loads and weather will be a factor. 
  • Lugs and skirts require a different set of questions.  And so it goes… 

SFI has the experience to ensure your tank will “support” you in your day to day operations.  Follow any of these links to learn more about Stainless Fabrication and the equipment we build.






Tank supports bear the weight

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