In June 2018, Stainless Fabrication Inc. partnered with the Department of Labor and Ozarks Technical Community College to start an apprenticeship program for welders and grinders.  Now, two years into our program launch, we realize this a valuable tool for recruiting personnel for skilled production positions. 

The program provides the apprentice with full-time work, on-the-job training and benefits.  The apprentice works alongside experienced craftsmen and learns all facets of tank fabrication.  After successful completion of the 3-year program, the apprentice receives a Master Welder or Master Craftsman certificate from the Department of Labor. In addition, welders are ASME certified by our Quality Control Department, furthering their range of experience.  Currently, we have three apprentices enrolled and hope to expand the program for additional personnel down the road.

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Apprentice welder learns on the job

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