So much today isn’t real. 

  • Automated attendants manage phones, answering and transferring calls.
  • Email and text messages have nearly replaced phone calls, paper notes, cards and letters.
  • Bill payments and banking are done via internet.
  • Photo and video editing is so sophisticated, we can’t trust what we see.
  • Our phones are over-run with auto-dialed calls and emails trying to scam us out of our money.

You get the idea. 

We are proud to say, Stainless Fabrication Inc. is very real.  After 35 years in business, we still have the same philosophy… we answer the phones during business hours, we don’t automatically transfer callers to voice mail, we pick up the phone and call when an email could still leave questions unanswered and if issues arise, we quickly notify the affected parties. 

In short, our customers and vendors are important to us and we treat them the way we want to be treated.  We understand the value of quality workmanship and good service and we strive to provide the best.  Bottom line… we want to do a great job and keep our customers coming back!

Follow this link to learn more about SFI and the stainless steel tanks and equipment we build… https://www.stainlessfab.com/capabilities-services.html.

We are real

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