It’s not every day you see a tank like this… two tanks in one!  This is a great example of our custom fabrication capability... 

  • 16,000 gallon total capacity, 8000 gallons on each side
  • 120” I.D. x 449” overall height and weighing 21 tons
  • Designed and built to ASME code
  • 2.5 psi at 250°F
  • Fully insulated (top, bottom and sides)
  • Interior vertical divider “wall” is insulated and completely splits the tank from top to bottom
  • (4) manways and (32) additional fittings of various size and purpose
  • Ladder and handrail for safe access to the top head fittings and manways

This is the kind of work that requires master craftsmen.  Imagine keeping the orientation straight for all these components, fabricating the wall that divides the tank, tacking and welding the divider in exactly the right place and installing the two 30-foot long internal dip pipes, each with eight braces.  

SFI makes it happen!  To learn more, go to

 Two tanks in one - 16,000 gallons total capacity

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