This may look like a short little ladder, but by the time this 200,000 gallon tank is finished, the ladder will be nearly 40 feet tall.  SFI crews are building this 32-foot diameter tank on-site at the customer’s facility and they’ve just barely gotten started. 

Since we build our tanks from the top down, the first thing we fabricate is the top head and anything attached to it – manways, fittings, even a ladder.  In this photo, only the protective handrail around the tank’s perimeter, the first course of shell/sidewall and the top section of the ladder are visible.

As courses of shell are added, additional sections of ladder will be installed until the tank and ladder are complete. 

SFI builds tanks in the field up to 750,000 gallons.  To learn more about our field erected stainless steel tanks, go to

Beginning stages of field erecting a stainless steel tank 

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