Radiographic testing (RT) (x-ray) is a method of non-destructive examination (NDE) used to check the integrity of welds.  It is utilized when:

  • It is a design requirement
  • Specified by customer
  • Placement of a fitting is close to another weld
  • Other methods of NDE cannot be used
  • Required by ASME code for new tanks or modification/repairs of existing ASME tanks
  • May be used during ASME welder qualification testing

Certain conditions will exclude x-ray for NDE:

  • Unable to obtain a clear image of the weld
  • Safety (from radiation) of the people working nearby
  • Prohibited by certain weld processes.

RT examines the welds for internal material defects. It is most often used to assess the quality of butt joints, circumferential and longitudinal weld joints. X-ray is rarely selected to examine the attachment welds of fittings and other appurtenances.

The image below shows a spot x-ray of a 6” section of weld (from point A to B). It shows the weld is good with no pits or holes. The labeling corresponds with the weld map, identifying where on the tank the shot was taken.

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X-ray of a 6-inch section of weld

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