Sometimes funny thoughts just pop in our minds, seemingly out of nowhere… Seeing these three shells, laying on the floor like this brought zoom lenses for a huge camera to mind…  Can you “picture” it?

These are actually the beginnings of three different mix tanks for the food industry – with 60, 100 and 150 gallon capacities.  What you see here are the inner shells with dimpled heat transfer surface.  By the time the tanks are ready to ship, the dimple will not be visible.

Tank description (each vessel): 

  • Stainless steel is 304/304L
  • Polished interior (32 Ra), mill finish exterior
  • All welds ground smooth (32 Ra) 
  • Supported on legs with load cells
  • Insulated with an outer jacket
  • Removable and partially hinged flat top head
  • Counter rotating mixers supported by a truss (the scrape and turbine mixers are powered by independent gearmotors. 

Tank shells with dimpled heat transfer surface

 Back left shell:  100 gallon capacity with a 20-1/2” band of dimpled HTS

Back right shell:  60 gallon capacity with an 8” band of dimpled HTS

Front shell:  150 gallon capacity with a 34-1/2” band of dimpled HTS


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