Seeing a load like this going down the road would provide fodder for some interesting conversation.  What is it?  How much does it weigh?  What’s it for?  What are those rings?

These components are part of a 20,000 gallon, mill finish stainless steel reactor SFI built for use in the chemical industry.  It was built in our shop in three sections and shipped to the customer’s facility where it was lifted in place and welded together by one of our field crews.  At its full height, the tank is quite large having a diameter of 15-feet and standing 21-feet tall. 

The vessel is designed to operate at 450°F which is why it's practically covered in half-pipe coils (1400 linear feet of half pipe).  The completed tank will have a flat top with (4) I-beam supports and one 24” manway with sight glass to provide visual / access to the tank’s interior from the top.

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20,000 gallon field assembled tank 

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