SFI embraces 3D design...

For decades the world of tank design was flat... Starting with drafters armed with pencils, electric erasers and drafting machines, we progressed to computer aided drafting (CAD), electronic stylus, quick commands and tablets. Then came windows-based CAD software and now the wonderful-world of 3D!

When providing customers with approval drawings, our goal has always been quality and speed. We began to work with 3D in 2017 and quickly realized the benefits of modeling our complex vessels.  From there we set a plan in motion to outfit and train the entire Engineering Department.  By the fall of 2019, we were fully implemented.

A valuable advantage of 3D over 2D is that it allows the Designer to physically see the tank as it will be when complete.  The tank can be rotated and viewed from all sides and vantage points.  This immediately reveals potential problems such as overlapping fittings or components.  In a custom fab shop, the best time to discover those situations is long before fabrication commences.

In the early days, 3D modeling took much longer than 2D.  Today, our fully trained workforce is producing 3D designs at speeds that rival the 2D system. 

Another benefit of 3D modeling is that we can provide a digital file containing a simplified tank model that can be in our customer's  own 3D plan.  

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