As a people, we are becoming more health conscious and drinking more water is high on the list making bottled water a very popular beverage choice!  Stainless steel carbon filters are often used for water purification by removing contaminants, unpleasant taste and odor from drinking water.

The system in the photo consists of two 3,200-gallon stainless steel tanks that are food-grade polished (150 grit).  Each tank stands over 16-feet tall and is built to ASME Code due to the 94 psig maximum design pressure requirement.  The tanks are equipped with a multi-lug manway on top and a flanged and bolted sidewall manway complete with a davit arm for ease in operation.  For cleaning purposes, each tank utilizes two removable CIP spray balls.

The tanks and double-header assembly (piping shown in photo) were built in our shop and assembled together to confirm proper fit.  Afterward, the header parts were removed from the tanks, disassembled and shipped loose for installation in the field.

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(2) 3200 gallon carbon filters

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