They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that is so true! 

Stainless Fabrication’s field crews build some really large stainless steel tanks.  They work indoors, outdoors, in remote areas, in cramped spaces and in all sorts of weather.  Some of the work they do seems nearly impossible, and yet, they pull it off.  Our field supervisors and fabricators are experienced, highly skilled craftsmen, fully capable of getting the job done! 

We are very proud of what we do.  We never tire of watching the equipment seemingly emerge from nothing and then admiring a job well done. 

The tank shown in the picture was built on-site for a beverage customer and is about to be set in place.  It has a capacity of 58,000 gallons, it is 17-feet in diameter, 40-feet tall from tip to tip and weighs  over 19 tons. 

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 58,000 gallon beverage tank

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