These 20 gallon stainless steel mixing kettles were custom built for use in the chemical industry. They have a glass bead blasted exterior and were designed for a specific application.  All four tanks feature components including:

  • hemispherical bottom head
  • removable top head
  • 8” access port in the top
  • six fittings provided in the top for various uses
  • medium shear magnetic mixer in the bottom
  • weighing module / load cells
  • flush tank ball valve
  • tank mounted control panel operates mixer and tank weighing system
  • control panel communicates with client’s PLC
  • three swivel casters
  • push/pull handle for ease of movement

SFI works with customers in a variety of industries.  Everything we build is custom, therefore, we offer capacities, materials, finishes and components to meet the specific needs of each customer, every time. 

Learn more at https://www.stainlessfab.com/industries-served.html.

20 gallon custom built portable mixing kettles

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