Tank fabricators use a variety equipment in their day to day operations.  At times, the overhead cranes inside the building simply aren’t enough.  Having our own mobile crane gives us the flexibility to move tanks outdoors for hydro testing, loading on trucks, storage, etc.   We don’t need to wait for a crane contractor to move tanks for us which allows us to maintain our schedule while saving money.

A large part of a fabricator’s capabilities come from the equipment they use.  For example, cranes and fork trucks of various types are a necessity for safe and efficient material handling.  SFI continually updates equipment throughout the shop to assist with fabrication of the custom stainless steel tanks and vessels we build.

This rough-terrain crane has a boom that extends up to 104 feet.  To provide some perspective on the size of this crane, the tank standing up is about 25 feet tall and the cone-halves (shown front/right) are 10’ at the highest point of the arch.

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Mobile crane for safe and efficient material handling

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