IT’S NOT A COW, BUT IT’S CLOSE… a blast from the past

This was a magazine ad for the dairy industry from a LONG time ago.  Cows “store” milk and so do stainless steel tanks…  

This still rings true today – for any industry.  In addition to building new stainless steel storage tanks in both the shop and in the field, SFI personnel regularly engage in on-site tank inspections, modifications and repairs of existing atmospheric tanks and pressure vessels. 

Replacing a damaged silo top is a common modification.  The damaged area can be removed and replaced with minimal down time and at a lower cost compared to buying a new tank.  This is also an excellent time to increase the tank’s capacity by adding more sidewall. 

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SFI builds stainless steel tanks up to 750,000 gallons.  Click here to learn more about our field fab capabilities. 

 Tank modification - silo top replacement

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