Luckily, we’re not… claustrophobic, that is.  Stainless Fabrication is no stranger to building tanks in cramped spaces or in areas with restricted access.  These two 40,000 gallon storage tanks were field fabricated on concrete pads in an existing building with very little room to maneuver.

Once completed, these tanks would stand 18-feet high, have a diameter of 20-feet and weigh 13,000 pounds. The tank design features:

  • 304 stainless steel material

  • Mill finish with buffed welds

  • 18” cross-arm manway in the top for access to the tank’s interior

  • 3” diameter x 17’ long dip tubes, quantity 2

  • 4” vent in the top

  • 8” fitting in the lower sidewall to support a mixer

  • 4” outlet and various other fittings

  • Sloped bottom to enhance drainage

Our 4-man crew was on-site for about three weeks to build both tanks and complete the job.

SFI builds tanks up to 750,000 gallons.  For more information about SFI field erected tanks go to

Twin storage tanks built under roof

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