A NEW SPIN ON MIXERS… a blast from the past

This image was part of a magazine ad we used about 25 years ago but it still holds true today!

Stainless Fabrication builds a variety of mix tanks to suit specific customer applications.  This artistic rendering shows what is called a dual motion or universal mixer.  The tank combines an offset turbine mixer for blending ingredients and a sweep/scrape mixer to keep the product moving for efficient heating or cooling.  While the mixer turns, teflon scraper blades remove product from the tank walls much like a spatula, avoiding burn-on from heating.  Each mixer has its own gearmotor that runs independently allowing for different horsepower’s and speeds.  The design can be adapted for batches from approximately 500 gallons up to 6,000 gallons and depending on tank capacity, product viscosities up to 500,000 cps (centipoise).

Mix tanks can be built in our shop or on-site at customer facilities.  A variety of materials, finishes and components are available.  Learn more about SFI mixers at https://www.stainlessfab.com/mix-tanks.html

SFI builds custom stainless steel mix tanks 

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