What do tanks have to do with hearts? 

SFI builds stainless steel tanks for a wide range of customers and uses.  One application uses biopharmaceutical vessels for processing “tissue heart valves” using bovine or porcine animal matter. 

These particular tanks were jacketed ASME pressure vessels made from type 316L stainless steel with an electropolished interior and a polished exterior finish.  They have tri-clamp mounted mixers and 18” spring-assisted manways.  Each tank is outfitted with CIP assemblies consisting of four removable spray balls.  A variety of tests were performed prior to shipment and before passivation as part of the FAT (factory acceptance test).

Learn more about SFI pharmaceutical tanks and pressure vessels at https://www.stainlessfab.com/pharmaceutical.html and https://www.stainlessfab.com/pressure-vessels-reactors.html.

Tanks and Hearts

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