The pharmaceutical vessels depicted in the collage were mechanically polished to 20 Ra and electropolished, thus giving their interiors a mirror-like finish.  Electropolish (EP) is a popular finish for pharmaceutical vessels because of its…

  • Bright, pristine appearance

  • Ease of sanitizing

  • Enhances product discharge

  • Improves resistance to corrosion

  • Removal of free iron

  • Smooth and enhanced passive surface

In very simple terms, electropolish finishing of stainless steel vessels and components is accomplished using an energized, heated chemical bath for a specific period of time.  The shiny finish occurs when a very thin layer of the material is removed leaving a smooth and passive surface.  EP finishing is performed in accordance with SFI Standard Operating Procedure QC-602 and consists of a five-step process – 1) precleaning, 2) fabrication and installation of cathodes, 3) electropolishing, 4) inspection, surface measurement and documentation of the results, and 5) final cleaning. 

The EP vat is designed to accommodate components of varying size.  Larger items, such as heads, agitator shafts and assembled vessels are finished outside of the EP vat using special fixtures and equipment designed specifically for this purpose.

Various industries may require an electropolished interior finish of their vessels, including:

  • Beverage

  • Biopharmaceutical

  • Chemical

  • Dairy

  • Food

  • Health & Cosmetic

  • Nutraceutical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Semiconductor

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Electropolish finishing 

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