GETTING A MAKEOVER.  These before and after photos show a brick silo that was replaced with a stainless steel tank built by SFI field personnel.  The new 30,000 gallon tank was fabricated on the ground at the customer’s facility and then set in place by a crane. 

The new tank  is 17’ in diameter, 31’ tall and weighs nearly 13 tons.   The tank is supported by a carbon steel skirt. It is outfitted with a handrail around the top to allow safe access to the manway and the equipment attached to the top head.  Once installed, the tank top towers more than 50 feet above the ground.

In addition to building new tanks up to 750,000 gallons, SFI also performs inspections, modifications and repairs to existing tanks.  We are ASME certified and are able to work on both atmospheric tanks and pressure vessels.

You can find more info about SFI field fabrication capabilities and certifications at and

New 30,000 gallon field erected stainless steel tank


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