Ever wonder how the really big tanks get built?  At about 30,000 gallons, the tank may be too large to build in our shop and on-site fabrication becomes a better option or even a necessity.

SFI got its start in 1985 building fully welded stainless steel tanks on-site and we are still doing it today. We fabricate the tank from the top down, meaning we build the top first, lift it in the air and begin adding sidewall, one horizontal course at a time, dye checking the seams as we go.  The tanks pictured below are designed to store 100,000 gallons of product.  They are 25-feet in diameter and nearly 34-feet tall.  

SFI field fabricates tanks up to 750,000 gallons on-site, indoors or out.  Our method of field fabrication typically keeps the crew working on the ground which is safer and more efficient compared to using scaffolding and/or cranes.

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 100,000 Gallons - How We Build It

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