Potable Water... What Is It?


Potable water is drinking quality meaning it’s safe for human consumption, cooking and processing edible products. One example of potable water is treated surface and ground water from community water systems.  It is estimated that nearly 90 percent of the world’s population presently has access to safe drinking water.

While portable water storage tanks can be made from a variety of materials, stainless steel tanks are favored because they are sturdy, easily cleaned, and last many, many years.  Tanks like the 1000 gallon vessel pictured below are used to store potable water for both commercial and residential use.  Once this tank arrives at its destination, it will be installed in a vertical position and anchored in place.

SFI builds hundreds of tanks each year for this purpose and other beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing applications.

Find out more about the tanks we build at https://www.stainlessfab.com/tanks-vessels-processing-equipment.html.

Potable water tank, 1000 gallon

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