That’s a good motto for launching a new year and a new blog!  We work hard and we play hard - that’s how we find balance and quality in our lives.

In this photo, Doug Gardner (left), our new Director of Shop Operations, is participating in a mud run with Joe Mizell, the north-central Regional Manager on our Sales Team.  Their mutual respect and teamwork is obvious both at work and at play.  These are qualities we hold in high regard at SFI. 

Doug Gardner begins 2019 in a new roll at Stainless Fabrication as Terry Wolfe retires after 31 years of directing SFI shop operations.  Doug is well suited for this position having worked with us 20 years in various positions including production and management.  He is an accomplished ASME welder and grinder, building tanks in both the field and shop.  In 2012, Doug took over as Quality Control Manager, directing a staff of inspectors and specialists.  In 2018, Doug began training to take over shop operations after Terry’s retirement.

Every new year brings excitement and the promise of good things to come.  We look forward to working with Doug as we continue to work hard and play hard.  Working together for the good of all parties is key to our success.

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New Year, New Blog

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